HERBION 16 lozenges

HERBION 16 lozenges


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Herbion contains dry ivy leaf extract. Herbion is an herbal medicine used to cough up mucus for a wet (productive) cough in adults, adolescents and children from 6 years of age.

Herbion lozenges are light brown to brown round with bevelled edges and a rough surface. The lozenges may contain yellow to brown particles, lighter spots, air bubbles and may have uneven edges.

The pack contains 16 lozenges.

Dosage and method of use

Dosage for adults: the usual dose for adults, the elderly and adolescents 12 years of age and older is 1 lozenge three times a day.
Dosage in children: the usual dose for children from 6 to 11 years of age is 1 lozenge twice a day.

Dissolve the lozenge in your mouth. Do not take lozenges immediately before or during a meal. Drink plenty of water or other hot decaffeinated drinks while taking Herbion.


The active substance is a dry ivy leaf extract. Each lozenge contains 35 mg of extract (as a dry extract) from Hedera helix L., folium (ivy leaf) (5-7.5: 1). Extraction solvent: ethanol 30% (w / w).
The other ingredients are isomalt (E 953), citric acid (E 330), caramel flavoring (propylene glycol E 1520)), lemon flavoring (butylhydroxanisole (E 320)), sucralose (E 955) and peppermint essential oil.
Excipient in the extract : simethicone.


Read the package leaflet carefully!

Do not take Herbion if you are allergic to ivy leaf extract, other plants of the Araliaceae family, or any of the other ingredients.
Herbion is not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding
. Do not use this medicine in children under 2 years of age, as their breathing problems may get worse.

Not suitable for children under 6 years.

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