Herpclair herpes labialis gel 5 ml -

Herpclair herpes labialis gel 5 ml


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Herpclair acts in all stages of the haze of the lip. The contained substances form an invisible layer at the affected site, which limits the spread and promotes the healing process.

Detailed product information

Herpclair gel creates an invisible protective film at the affected site, thanks to its complex of substances, it supports the processes of faster healing. 

Ingredients (chondrus crispus / red seaweed - carrageenan and xanthan gum) create an invisible layer at the affected site, thus supporting the healing process and limiting the spread to other sites. The complex of essential oils (lavender and lemon) gives the product a pleasant smell and, together with D-panthenol and betaglucan, improves its moisturizing properties. 
Use Herpclair herpes labialis gel: 
Apply HERPCLAIR® GEL to the affected site up to 5 times a day. In case of very widespread mist or haze lasting more than a week, contact your doctor. 
Medical aid.

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