Hill's PD GI Biome Dog food 1.5 kg

Hill's PD GI Biome Dog food 1.5 kg


  • $52.50

Discover the benefits of Hill's Prescription Diet! Their composition corresponds to most of your pet's life needs. Hill's PD GI Biome Dog food is intended to reduce acute intestinal resorption diseases and to compensate for maldigestion. It calms the digestive tract and its effect is fast . It is clinically proven to strengthen loose stools within 24 hours . Contains a unique blend of ActivBiome + active fiber , which nourishes the intestinal microbiome. This actively promotes healthy digestion and regular, healthy stools and reduces the risk of future episodes.

Main features:

  • calms the digestive tract
  • fast effect within 24 hours
  • actively promotes regular, healthy stools
  • supports the beneficial intestinal microflora for healthy digestion
  • high levels of omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA)
  • optimally balanced content of soluble and insoluble fiber


Cereals, meat and animal products, derivatives of plant origin, oils and fats, extracts of plant proteins, fruits, seeds, minerals, vegetables. Highly digestible substances: Chicken and turkey meal, brewing rice, corn, corn gluten, animal fat, vegetable oil.

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