Hill's PD i / d Stress Mini Dog food with chicken 1.5 kg

Hill's PD i / d Stress Mini Dog food with chicken 1.5 kg


  • $58.50

Highly digestible food for dogs with digestive problems related to stress. Hill's PD i / d Stress Mini Chicken dog food helps regulate stress and subsequently improve digestion and stool quality . The feed is enriched with prebiotic fiber to support the beneficial intestinal microflora and ginger , which calms the digestive tract.

Stress in dogs

Like humans, some dogs are more sensitive to change than others. There are many things that can upset a dog. Chronic stress or frequent bouts of short-term stress can cause a number of negative reactions, including indigestion . Common triggers for stress in dogs include changes in the running regime, changes in the environment or loud sounds such as a storm or fireworks.

Main features:

  • highly digestible dog food
  • relieves and eliminates digestive problems caused by stress
  • The patented composition helps regulate stress
  • with the addition of ginger to calm the digestive tract
  • helps improve digestion and stool quality


Cereals, derivatives of plant origin, meat and animal products, extracts of plant proteins, seeds, oils and fats, minerals, vegetables, milk and dairy products. Highly digestible substances: Rice, corn starch, corn gluten, chicken and turkey meal, vegetable oil, animal fat. Sources of prebiotic fiber: Flaxseed, beet pulp.

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