Hill's PD k / d Cat food with chicken 1.5 kg

Hill's PD k / d Cat food with chicken 1.5 kg


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Discover the benefits of Hill's Prescription Diet! Their composition corresponds to most of your pet's life needs. Hill's PD k / d Cat food with chicken is a clinically proven diet that improves the quality of life of cats with kidney disease by slowing the progression and rate of clinical symptoms. Controlled phosphorus and sodium levels support kidney and heart function . The formula is based on Enhanced Appetite Trigger (EAT) technology, which significantly increases the appetite of cats with kidney disease and guarantees up to 35% higher caloric intake compared to other foods to support proper kidney function.

Nutrition and kidney disease

If your cat has kidney problems, proper nutrition can have a positive effect on her life, and can even prolong her life . Specially formulated foods for cats with renal failure contain less protein and phosphorus than other foods. Phosphorus reduction can reduce the severity of symptoms and the progression of kidney damage, while a reduced amount of protein will help restore normal acid-base levels. 

Main features:

  • prolongs the life of cats with kidney disease
  • significantly improves the quality of life
  • controlled phosphorus and sodium levels
  • increases appetite and guarantees higher caloric intake
  • enriched with amino acids to support proper muscle growth


Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, meat and animal products, eggs and egg products, minerals, derivatives of plant origin. Protein sources: Chicken and turkey meal, corn gluten, pea protein concentrate, dried whole eggs, rice protein concentrate.

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