Hill's PD k / d Dog food 2 kg

Hill's PD k / d Dog food 2 kg


  • $62.50

Discover the benefits of Hill's Prescription Diet! Their composition corresponds to most of your pet's life needs. Hill's PD k / d Dog food is a clinically proven nutrition for longer and better life of dogs with kidney disease. The special composition has an adjusted phosphorus content and a low sodium content for proper kidney function . The improved amino acid profile supports the dogs' natural ability to build muscle daily.

How nutrition can help with treatment

If your dog is diagnosed with kidney disease , dietary adjustment can help control the disease by reducing the amount of protein, phosphorus and salt in the diet. Phosphorus reduction appears to be particularly important in reducing the severity of clinical symptoms and the progression of renal damage. Decreased protein levels can also help restore normal acid-base levels.

Main features:

  • controlled phosphorus content
  • low sodium content
  • with an excellent taste that your dog cannot resist


Cereals, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, eggs and egg products, protein extracts, meat and animal products, minerals, seeds. Protein sources: Dried whole eggs, pea protein concentrate.

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