Humican 1000 - 60 tablets

Humican 1000 - 60 tablets


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Natural veterinary preparation for the treatment of diarrhea and detoxifying the organism of dogs and cats - an effect based on humic acids with a high binding capacity.
They bind microbial and fungal toxins, viral particles, free radicals and other toxic compounds(heavy metals, ammonia, PCBs, dioxins and others). Humic acids bind these toxins and other undesirable substances to each other and areeliminated together with the faeces. It forms aprotective filmon the surface of the mucosa, which prevents further penetration of toxins and infection into the body. Humicangets a number of minerals into the body, stimulates better digestion and thus better use of nutrients, activates immunity and metabolism. Supports liver function, strengthens the protective function of the skin. Convalescenceanimals after diseases and postoperative conditions. Suitable for therapeutic and preventive administration.

Therapeutic dosage: one tablet. per 4kg weight / day for 10-15 days. In acute diarrhea, administer a double dose at the beginning of therapy (2-3 days). In acute poisoning, up to three times the dose can be given. The dose can be divided into several applications during the day. (eg: 16 kg dog: 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening)

Prophylactic dosing (detoxification of the organism, improvement of condition and exterior of animals)
weight daily dose time of administration
Small dogs (up to 10 kg) 1/2 to 1 tablet min. 2-3 months
Medium-sized dogs (10-20 kg) 1 to 2 tablets min. 2-3 months
Large dogs (over 20 kg) 3 tablets min. 2-3 months
Cats 1/2 to 1 tablet min. 2-3 months The

dose can be divided into several applications during the day.

Package contents: 60 tablets, each containing 1000 mg of humic acids

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