Hydrofemin Plus vaginal gel 7 x 5 g

Hydrofemin Plus vaginal gel 7 x 5 g


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Hydrofemin PLUS vaginal gel is used to treat the symptoms of a dry vagina (e.g. irritation, burning sensation, itching, mucosal damage, pain) and to restore the acidic vaginal pH in case of hormonal changes, gynaecological problems or surgery, oncological gynecological problems.
Its moisturizing effect protects the vaginal mucosa from drying out and damage. It maintains a moist environment, thereby facilitating vaginal regeneration and healing of damaged mucosa. By restoring the acidic vaginal pH, it contributes to the maintenance of normal vaginal microflora and thus prevents the overgrowth of pathogens (the causative agent of the disease) and the development of vaginal infections.
A colorless, transparent, almost odorless vaginal gel.

The package contains 7 tubes with an applicator. One tube with applicator contains 5 g of vaginal gel.

Dosage and method of use

The contents of 1 applicator of vaginal gel (5g) are introduced in the evening before bedtime.

Immediately after vaginal application, tingling may occur, which will cease within a short time.

The duration of use depends on the improvement of symptoms. Hydrofemin PLUS vaginal gel is also suitable for long-term treatment if necessary. Continuous treatment can not exceed 30 days. If necessary, treatment can be repeated. If symptoms do not improve within a few days or return during treatment, consult your doctor.


Sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid, 3-ethyl-O-ascorbic acid, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, sodium edetate, capryl glycol, purified water.


Read the package leaflet carefully.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this remedy.

Pregnant and lactating people can use the product only after consulting a doctor.

If you plan to become pregnant, it is not recommended to apply the product directly before sexual intercourse or a few hours after it.

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