HYLO CARE eye drops 10 ml -

HYLO CARE eye drops 10 ml


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For moisturizing and promoting healing of damaged eye surfaces, eg due to dry eye after surgical interventions.

Detailed product information

  • Sodium hyaluronate 1 mg / 1 ml and dexpanthenol
  • Acceleration of healing through dexpanthenol
  • Without preservatives and phosphates
  • Tolerance with all kinds of contact lenses
What is HYLO-CARE®?
Hylo-CARE® is a sterile preservative-free solution. It contains 1 mg / ml sodium hyaluronate, dexpanthenol, citrate buffer and water. 
What is HYLO-CARE® used for?
For moisturizing and promoting healing of damaged eye surfaces, eg due to dry eye after surgical interventions.

When to use Hylo-CARE®?
The renewal and maintenance of a healthy eye also includes the constant moisturizing of external tissues, conjunctiva and cornea. At best, our tears fulfill this function. However, natural tears may be available in insufficient quantities or only with compromised composition. The eye then responds with redness, itching, foreign body sensation, burning or faster fatigue. These symptoms of disturbed natural tear supply may occur in a dry, air-conditioned environment due to drug treatment or aging.
Conjunctival and corneal cells are constantly being formed and this process can only be optimally performed in a humid environment. Therefore, it is important that the eye is sufficiently moisturized after the eye surgery and the wound heals optimally.

In all of these cases, the use of HYLO-CARE® results in an intense moisturizing of the eye, thus restoring the natural moisture balance.

HYLO-CARE® contains sodium hyaluronate , a natural substance found in the eye, but also in other parts of the body. This substance has special physical properties - it produces a uniform, stable and long-lasting film on the surface of the eye that resists flushing. As a result, the moisturizing effect lasts for a long time, while the eye functions remain fully maintained. Therefore, HYLO-CARE® can be used without difficulty during the day if, for example, it is not possible to use an eye ointment for stiffer consistency to form an aperture.
In addition, HYLO-CARE® contains dexpanthenol , which steams into a large group of B-vitamins. This component of the formulation covers the need for an eye after intensive regeneration and fully supports the moisturizing properties of sodium hyaluronate. In addition, dexpanthenol has properties that promote healing.
How often and how long should HYLO-CARE be used?
The daily dose of HYLO-CARE® depends on individual judgment, the advice of a doctor or a pharmacist. Generally, 1 drop is dripped 3 times a day in the conjunctival sac of each eye. In the event of severe problems, HYLO-CARE® can be used more often during the day.
If you should use HYLO-CARE® more frequently (eg more than 10 times a day), have your eyes examined by your eye doctor. HYLO-CARE® is suitable for long-term use, but you should also ask your ophthalmologist for advice if you have a long-term problem.
When should HYLO-CARE® be used?
HYLO-CARE® should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product.
What other policies do you need to follow when storing?
Store at room temperature. Applicable for 6 months after first opening. Do not use after the expiry date. Keep out of the reach of children.

eye drops 10 ml 

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