Idelyn Urinal Akut + Urinal Express pH 10 tablets + 6 sachets -

Idelyn Urinal Akut 10 tablets + Urinal Express pH 6 sachets


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Walmark Idelyn Urinal Akut + Urinal Express pH supplements with an innovative formula for healthy urinary tract. The pack contains Urinal Akut in the form of tablets and Urinal Express pH in the form of sachets for beverage preparation.

Urinal Akut  provides first aid for sudden problems requiring fast and effective urinary tract care now in an innovative formulation.

Urinal Akut contains:

  • Highly concentrated extract of Canadian cranberries (Cranberry), which are a rich source of proanthocyanidins.
  • Extract of Goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea), which contributes to the normal functioning of the urinary system.
  • Vitamin D, which aids the normal functioning of the immune system. 

Urinal Express pH helps relieve the discomfort of burning and irritation in the first two days by neutralizing the pH of urine. With a pleasant flavor of a mixture of raspberries, berries and vanilla.

Urinal Express pH contains:

  • Potassium and sodium citrate, which rapidly and effectively reduce the acid pH of urine. This helps to eliminate irritation and burning sensations.
  • Powdered juice of Canadian cranberries ( cranberries) rich in proanthocyanidins, natural bioflavonoids, phenolic compounds and other beneficial substances.
  • Extract of silver birch ( Betula pendula ), which helps normal function of urinary tract and kidneys.


Urinal Akut: Take 1 tablet a day. Drink down with plenty of water.

Urinal Express pH: Take 1 sachet 3 times a day. Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 200 ml of water, drink hot or cold, preferably after a meal. Do not take more than 2 consecutive days. It is recommended to be taken at the same time as Urinal Akut tablets.


Urinal Akut: Exocyan ® ( Vaccinium macrocarpon  fruit extract) 90 mg, (standardized to 40% proanthocyanidines, equivalent to 450,000 mg of Canadian cranberries) 36 mg, Goldenrod ( Solidago virgaurea  dried plant) (whole plant extract min. 10: 1-20 mg) 200 mg, vitamin D 5.0 ​​µg per tablet.

Urinal Express pH: Potassium citrate 3327.6 mg, sodium citrate 2802.5 mg, Birch leaf ( Betula pendula  leaf extract min. 10: 1 75 mg) 750 mg, Cranberry ( Vaccinium macrocarpon ) dried juice (standardized at 1% PAC) 1860 mg in 3 sachets.


It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep out of reach of children!

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