JONZAC Bébé Baby changing diaper BIO 75 ml

JONZAC Bébé Baby changing diaper BIO 75 ml


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Are you looking for a gentle natural care for your baby's skin? Try JONZAC BÉBÉ BIO Baby changing cream, which contains Jonzac thermal water and 99% ingredients of natural origin. Its composition in BIO quality nourishes the skin in the diaper area and has soothing and regenerating effects. The cream is enriched with the natural moisturizing factor L-PCA, which provides optimal physiological protection for children's skin. 


  • nourishes the skin in the diaper area
  • creates a protective film that prevents the formation of sores
  • soothes and regenerates the skin
  • provides the skin with optimal physiological protection
  • 99% of ingredients of natural origin


Apply the cream as needed each time you change the diaper to the skin in the diaper area. Before applying the changing cream, cleanse the skin thoroughly with JONZAC BÉBÉ dermo-cleansing gel or JONZAC BÉBÉ 2 in 1 baby cleansing milk. Cannot be applied to damaged wet skin. If redness of the skin persists, consult your doctor.

About the brand

Jonzac Bébé is a range of children's products created from Jonzac thermal water and natural ingredients, specially selected for the skin of infants . The soothing and revitalizing composition responds to the needs of highly sensitive baby skin. The Jonzac Bébé range is certified as organic and highly tolerant - meaning that raw materials are selected to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. Eau Thermale Jonzac packaging is eco-designed to reduce its impact on the environment. The brand uses recycled PET plastics and bioplastics obtained from sugar cane.

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