JONZAC Bébé Baby dermo-reparative cream BIO 40 ml

JONZAC Bébé Baby dermo-reparative cream BIO 40 ml


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Sensitive baby skin tends to irritate frequently. Always have JONZAC BÉBÉ Baby Dermo-Reparative Cream on hand. The product in BIO quality is used to care for irritated and reddened skin . Restores the skin's natural barrier and supports its regeneration . It cares for irritated skin in the mouth, skin folds (ears, neck), smaller areas of dry skin, healed abrasions, scratches and scars. 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin .


  • restores the skin's natural barrier
  • protects the skin and regenerates
  • used to care for irritated and reddened skin


Apply the cream 2-3 times a day to irritated areas after their previous thorough cleaning and drying. Ideally, the JONZAC BÉBÉ dermo-cleansing gentle cleansing gel is used to cleanse the skin. Cannot be applied to damaged wet skin.

About the brand

Jonzac Bébé is a range of children's products created from Jonzac thermal water and natural ingredients, specially selected for the skin of infants . The soothing and revitalizing composition responds to the needs of highly sensitive baby skin. The Jonzac Bébé range is certified as organic and highly tolerant - meaning that raw materials are selected to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. Eau Thermale Jonzac packaging is eco-designed to reduce its impact on the environment. The brand uses recycled PET plastics and bioplastics obtained from sugar cane.

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