KIWU WUKI Female Fertility Test 2pcs

KIWU WUKI Female Fertility Test 2pcs


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In vitro screening test for women. It detects the presence of FSH hormone in urine, which is an indicator of fertility. FSH hormone is a regulator of ovarian function in women. The female fertility test is suitable for women over 35 years of age and for women with irregular periods.
The package contains 2x eco strips for FSH hormone levels and instructions for use.

Dosage and method of use

Instructions for Use:
1. Collect the urine sample into a clean, washed container.
Remove the eco strip from the foil and place it perpendicular to the urine for 15 seconds.
Place the test on a pad that does not absorb urine and wait 5 minutes for the result.
Positive: it has two dark red lines in the middle of the test - the T-test line and the C-control line. The T-line must be the same color or darker than the C-line. If the test is positive, repeat it in 5-7 days. If both tests are positive, it means that you have a high level of FSH hormone. If you want to get pregnant, see your doctor. High FSH levels are also a sign of menopause. If you have symptoms such as irregular periods, etc., see your doctor. If the second test is negative, it means that the FSH level is not high and hence a good indication for pregnancy.
Negative: both the T and C lines are visible, with the T line lighter than the C line, or only the C line. However, if you have irregular periods or symptoms of menopause, we also recommend that you see a doctor.
Invalid test: No commas C and T are visible, retest.

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