KLARA ROTT Rebirth Two-component cleansing mask BIO for all skin types 50 g + 65 ml

KLARA ROTT Rebirth Two-component cleansing mask BIO for all skin types 50 g + 65 ml


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Highly concentrated face mask containing 37 biologically active substances that have a proven positive effect on the skin. KLARA ROTT Rebirth Cleansing Mask contains a wealth of plant extracts that hydrate, nourish and soothe the skin. Strong rosemary hydrate cleanses and tightens pores, smoothes and brightens the skin and regulates sebum . Moroccan and green clay are rich in minerals and gently remove impurities and dead cells , loosen clogged pores and thoroughly cleanse the skin deeply . The contained hydrolyzed sea collagen slows down the signs of skin aging and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. The mask consists of a dry and a liquid component. By mixing them, you will always createa fresh and effective cleansing treatment that will be a great boost for your skin.


  • removes impurities and dead cells
  • thoroughly cleanses the skin deeply
  • tightens pores, smoothes and brightens the skin
  • moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin
  • concentrated composition and two-component form of the mask for an intense effect

KLARA ROTT is the cleanest cosmetics in the Czech Republic and one of the cleanest in the world. They have developed 100% natural care with a high concentration of biologically active substances, which, based on Swiss studies, have been shown to improve skin condition. 

The power of biohydrates and bio extracts

The basis of KLARA ROTT cosmetics are organic flower waters or hydrates, which contain valuable substances from the mother plant and replace the use of water. Water in cosmetics increases the volume and reduces production costs, but its positive effects on the skin are zero. Their production is demanding, but their effect is worth it.

What makes KLARA ROTT cosmetics special?

  • It is the only one in the Czech Republic to produce its own hydrolates. They thus control the entire process and can guarantee up to 50 times higher concentration and efficiency than is common on the market.
  • It works even without preservatives. The KLARA ROTT brand does not use any preservatives - not even those that are permitted in organic cosmetics. In cooperation with research institutes in our country and abroad, a  "self-preserving system" has been developed which, thanks to the unique ratio of certain herbs, extracts and other ingredients, will keep the products fresh for 12 months from the date of production.
  • All input raw materials in BIO. All input raw materials that exist in BIO quality are used in BIO quality .
  • Own production of extracts. She also produces all dozens of organic herbal extracts
  • No fillers, only active substances. The products consist exclusively of active substances that are clearly beneficial for your skin. You will not find alcohol or commonly used substances intended for preserving, emulsifying, perfuming, coloring or thickening or other synthetic or inactive ingredients in any preparation.
  • Unique two-component application. It optimally increases the interconnection of dozens of interconnected substances and contributes to the maximum utilization and absorption of all active substances into the skin.
  • Rejuvenating stem cells. The uniqueness of cosmetics is also underlined by the use of stem cells from  alpine rose and goji. According to scientific research, these stem cells help smooth out wrinkles, turn off the skin, improve skin density and quality, protect the skin barrier against external influences and increase epidermal regeneration and hydration of the skin.
  • Natural, bio and fair trade approach. The KLARA ROTT brand uses only  100% natural raw materials, the selection of which is crucial for origin, quality and sustainable cultivation. It supports organic farming and a fair trade approach. All raw materials for which this is possible have organic certification, which guarantees the highest possible level of quality. Recyclable glass containers are a matter of course .
  • Production in the Czech Republic. KLARA ROTT is a 100% Czech brand with  its own production  in Central Bohemia.


First, shake the liquid vial well. With the enclosed wooden spoon, take 5 teaspoons of dry matter from the crucible and pour in 4 teaspoons of the shaken liquid component. Mix the whole in the enclosed bowl and apply to the face with a wooden applicator. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with water. Apply the mask on the cleansed face in the evening. For ideal effects, repeat 1-2 times a week. Due to the high concentration of active substances, a short-term redness may appear after the application of the mask, which will soon disappear.

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