KLORANE Bébé Eryteal 3in1 repacking cream 75 ml -

KLORANE Bébé Eryteal 3in1 repacking cream 75 ml


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Klorane bébé Eryteal 3 in 1 repacking ointment is an assistant for irritated skin on the buttocks and diapers. Contains calming marigold extract.

Detailed product information

Do you fight with your baby or infant with irritated skin in the diaper? Try Klorane bébé protective ointment with marigold extracts grown in BIO agriculture. The ointment is suitable for regular daily use during repacking and calms your baby's skin after the first application. It has regenerative effects, heals and relieves stressed skin . It leaves a protective film on the skin, protecting it from the aggressive contents of the diaper used. Cleans, reduces bacterial growth and contributes to the elimination of sore spots. She has been clinically tested under the supervision of pediatricians.


  • cares and protects against sore spots and irritation
  • soothes and nourishes the skin
  • leaves a protective film on the skin


Thanks to the ideal combination of vitamin A and marigold extracts grown in BIO farming, the ointment restores the skin barrier at stressed areas in the diaper area . It does not contain parabens or perfume, it has a hypoallergenic composition. Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.


Each time you repack, apply a thick layer of ointment to the clean and dry skin of the diaper.

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