KLORANE Bébé Eryteal ointment 75 ml -

KLORANE Bébé Eryteal ointment 75 ml


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KLORANE bebe Eryteal ointment effectively restores the skin barrier at irritated skin sites. It soothes the skin and redness of the skin disappears.

Detailed product information

KLORANE bebe Eryteal ointment is rich in vegetable oils and essential fatty acids and effectively removes the skin barrier at irritated skin sites. Zinc oxide isolates the skin from external influences (urine, stool, friction), and zinc sulphate heals the skin and reduces bacterial growth . Protective and soothing ingredients (marigold, vitamin E and allantoin) contribute to the disappearance of redness . Efficiency and optimal tolerance even on irritated skin. Hypoallergenic without preservatives and without perfume. Tested under the control of dermatologists and pediatricians.


  • It restores the skin barrier
  • Isolates skin from external influences
  • It regenerates the skin


Apply a thicker layer to the buttocks and to the creases each time you change over to a perfectly clean and dried skin. If there are any ointments left on the skin after the bath, do not try to remove them, they will disappear on the next wash

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