KLORANE Force Keratine Hair Loss Concentrate 125 ml -

KLORANE Force Keratine Hair Loss Concentrate 125 ml


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KLORANE Force Keratine Hair loss concentrate is an intensive treatment with active quinine-caffeine complex against reaction hair loss and tired hair.

Detailed product information

KLORANE Force Keratine The hair loss concentrate contains quinine, which is an active ingredient with strength. It has a beneficial effect on the hair bulb and the structure of the hair itself. Klorane Force Keratine takes care of hair from roots to ends. It stimulates hair follicle growth in the scalp. Thanks to the content of vitamin B5, the effects are strengthened and the hair fibers are hydrated and strengthened. After concentrate, your hair will be strengthened from the inside, firmer and more resistant to fatigue and stress. Without parabens.


  • Hair care from roots to tips
  • Thicker, stronger and more durable hair
  • Easy combing
  • It does not grease hair


Apply the product on a dry or slightly dried hair with a towel. Massage and then comb. Do not rinse. Apply 2 - 3 times a week for a minimum of 6 weeks.

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