Klosterfrau Melisana Herbal Medicine Concentrate 95 ml

Klosterfrau Melisana Herbal Medicine Concentrate 95 ml

Klosterfrau Melisana

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Klosterfrau Melisana concentrate is a traditional herbal medicine. The use of this traditional herbal medicinal product is based exclusively on experience from long-term use. The product is intended for adults.

Oral use: It is used as an adjunct to mild psychovegetative disorders, such as decreased appetite, stomach and intestinal problems of neurotic origin; reduced ability to calm down or headaches in agitation, tremor, nervousness, menstruation, menopause, atmospheric changes and difficulty falling asleep in these conditions. It is used supportively for colds, flu conditions or in contact with them.
Dermal use: It is used as an adjunct to pain for nervous origin, including bruising (sudden pain in the lumbar region associated with back muscle cramps), muscle pain (eg back) after exercise.

Package size is 95 ml.

Dosage and method of use

It is used orally (by mouth) or for dermal administration.

Oral use: unless your doctor recommends otherwise, take 1 teaspoon (5 ml) 1-3 times a day, diluted with twice the amount of water. It is taken after a meal.
Dermal administration: an appropriate amount of undiluted solution is gently rubbed into the skin 2 to 3 times a day on painful areas. For compresses or people with more sensitive skin, dilute the solution with twice the amount of water.


Klosterfrau Melisana concentrate contains active substances 100 ml of solution contains up to 65 mg of essential oil obtained from the following quantities of medicinal plants: Melissae folium up to 536 mg, Inulae radix up to 714 mg, Angelicae radix up to 714 mg, Zingiberis radix up to 714 mg, Caryophylli flos up to 285 mg , Galangae radix up to 285 mg, Piperis nigri fructus up to 71 mg, Gentianae radix up to 714 mg, Myristicae seeds up to 71 mg, Aurantii pericarpium up to 714 mg, Cinnamomi cortex up to 321 mg, Cassiae flos up to 36 mg, Cardamomi fructus up to 10 mg. The other ingredient is ethanol 66.8% (v / v)


Not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women.
Do not use if you are allergic to any of the plants in the product: lemon balm, oman, angelica, ginger, clove, galangal, black pepper, yellow gentian, fragrant orange, bitter orange lemon, cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon , cardamom, or other plants of the family Asteraceae or Apiaceae, eg cumin, celery, anise, coriander, dill.

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