KOBO Plant The Box Sweet Sunflower scented candle 283 g


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The KOBO Plant The Box Sweet Sunflower scented candle will delight and enchant you not once, but twice. Not only will it fill your home with the heady scent of blooming flowers and last up to 60 hours, but it will make you happy even after consumption. Once the candle burns out, just plant the container and look forward to the sunflowers whose seeds it hides.


  • candle burns for up to 60 hours
  • floral fragrance (green melon, lemon, apple, jasmine, lily, cedar)
  • The candle shell contains sunflower seeds
  • Elegant design and design
  • vegan product


  • 100% soybean wax
  • cotton wick – guarantees uniform burning
  • Non-toxic composition, without dyes and additives
  • clean combustion – no black soot
  • Natural composition

How to use:
Optimally use the candle always 2-5 hours to taste, so that the wax is enough to burn sufficiently. Protect the candle from direct sunlight and follow the usual safety standards each time the wick is lit.

Composition cyclamen, jasmine
Type of home smell Floral
Type of wick cotton
Material glass

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