KREON 10 000 - 10000U - 50 capsules

KREON 10 000 - 10000U - 50 capsules


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Creon 10,000 contains a mixture of enzymes called pancreatin. Pancreatin helps digest food. Enzymes are obtained from the pancreatic glands of pigs. Kreon 10,000 capsules contain small pellets that slowly release pancreatin in the gut (enteric coated pellets, called mini-pellets). Creon 10,000 is used in children and adults with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. This is the case when their pancreas (pancreatic gland) does not produce enough enzymes to digest food.
You can use the product without consulting your doctor if you have symptoms of indigestion caused by insufficient production of digestive enzymes. If the symptoms of pancreatic insufficiency (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain) get worse or do not improve within 14 days of treatment with Kreon 10,000, talk to your doctor. Use in children is always recommended by a doctor.
The pack contains 50 capsules.

Dosage and method of use

The dose is measured in units of lipase. Lipase is one of the enzymes of pancreatin. Always follow your doctor's advice on how much Kreon 10,000 to take. Your doctor will adjust the dose according to your needs, depending on: the disease, weight, diet and stool fat content.

Always take it during or after a meal or snack. This will allow the enzymes to mix thoroughly with the food and digest it as it passes through the gut.
Swallow the capsules whole - do not crush or chew the capsules.
If swallowing the capsule is difficult, open the capsule carefully and add the pellets to a small amount of soft acidic diet or mix them with an acidic liquid. A soft sour diet can be, for example, apple pulp or yogurt. The acidic liquid may be apple, orange or pineapple juice. Swallow the mixture immediately, without crushing or chewing, and drink with water or juice.


The active substance in Kreon 10,000, pancreatin. Each capsule contains 150 mg of pancreatin, corresponding to (Ph.Eur. Units): amylase 8,000, lipase 10,000, protease 600. The other ingredients are: pellet core: macrogol 4000, coating: hypromellose phthalate, dimethicone 1,000, triethyl- citrate, cetyl alcohol, capsule: red, yellow and black iron oxide (E 172), titanium dioxide (E 171), sodium lauryl sulphate, gelatin.


Do not take Kreon 10,000 if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to porcine pancreatin or any of the other ingredients.
If you are pregnant or could become pregnant, tell your doctor before using this medicine. Your doctor will decide if you should take Kreon 10,000 and at what dose.

Read the package leaflet carefully.

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