Lactofeel vaginal gel tube 7x5 ml


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Lactofeel is a vaginal gel that helps treat and prevent recurrence of infections in a natural way. 

Lactofeel contains lactic acid , which restores the normal pH of the vagina and effectively neutralizes discomfort and odor. The gel also contains glycogen , which provides nutrients for lactic acid bacteria. When the pH is normal and enough nutrients are in the vagina, the lactic acid bacteria are growing and the natural vaginal balance is restored. Then there is relief from unpleasant outflow, discomfort and odor removal.
  • Lactofeel is tested and clinically tested. Clinical studies have shown that Lactofeel is effective for restoring and maintaining the pH balance in the vagina. 
  • Lactofeel is safe and its use is hygienic. 
  • Lactofeel is also safe for pregnant and nursing women. 
  • Lactofeel is without perfume.
When to take Lactofeel?
Initiate supportive treatment with Lactofeel vaginal gel if you are taking antibiotics.
Lactofeel, in combination with antibiotics, improves treatment efficacy, prevents recurrence of complaints while restoring the natural vaginal microflora and pH of the vagina. 

Use Lactofeel vaginal gel in any pregnancy discharge.
The outflow during pregnancy is in most cases quite normal, mainly due to increased blood circulation in the vagina. "Normal" discharge in pregnancy is transparent or white, odorless and without itching or burning.  
However, in some cases it may be a sign of infection. Abnormal discharge in pregnancy needs to be addressed! Such discharge may increase the risk of miscarriage or premature birth, so always consult your doctor immediately if you have a discharge during pregnancy. 
Lactofeel vaginal gel is suitable for use in pregnancy outflows to prevent abortion or preterm labor. 
Apply Lactofeel vaginal gel to prevent unwanted problems - unpleasant odor, annoying discharge, discomfort in vagina, itching. 

  • For effective relief of unpleasant odor, abnormal discharge, discomfort and bacterial vaginosis  Use: 1 tube daily for 7 days
Preserving health and prevention
  • To maintain natural pH and prevent the return of BV symptoms  Use: 1 tube every 3rd day for three months
  • To maintain the natural pH during antibiotic  use Use: 1 tube daily for 4-5 days after discontinuation of antibiotics
  • To alleviate or eliminate the symptoms of menstruation  Use: 1 tube daily for 1-2 days after menstruation

Contains 7 single use tubes. 

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