LAIM-CARE Gel Drops 10ml -

LAIM CARE Gel Drops 10ml


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Gel lubricating drops with high content of sodium hyaluronate with dispenser.

Detailed product information

Laim-Care Gel Drops are gel eye drops that soothe tired, strained and irritated eyes. An effective moisturizing component of these drops is hyaluronic acid - a substance that fully matches the internal environment of the human body (found for example in joint fluid and vitreous humor).

How Do Laim-Care Gel Drops Work? 

Laim-Care Gel Drops eliminate the discomfort caused by the instability of the tear film of the eyes exposed to the effects of wind, dry or dusty environments or saw allergens. Long-lasting hydration Laim-Care gel drops adhere to the surface of the eye, where they are able to hold longer than ordinary eye drops. They significantly increase eye humidity and replace any lack of tears.

More Comfortable Contact Lenses with Laim-Care Gel Drops 

 - Enhance Contact Lens Comfort 
 - Moisturize Eye 
 Contour - Keeps Contact Lenses Wet 
 - Stabilize Tear Film

Content : 10ml

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