LAIM Moisture spray 15ml -

LAIM Moisture spray 15ml


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Unique moisturizing eye spray containing sodium hyaluronate.

Detailed product information

LAIM Moisture is an eye spray that is more convenient to classic eye drops. This spray works by stabilizing the lipid layer of the eye and its tear film, providing the eyes with optimum protection from external influences and counteracting dryness.

LAIM Moisture Eye Spray promotes eye and eyelid lubrication, significantly improving the convenience of contact lens use. Sodium hyaluronate is an effective lubricant component of the spray - a substance that is completely natural to the human body (found, for example, in the joint fluid and vitreous body). With sodium hyaluronate, LAIM Moistur is used not only by contact lens wearers but also to remove dry eye syndrome. In addition, a bonus is the addition of chamomile, which provides the spray with a unique pleasant smell.

Modern application technology LAIM Moisture does not drip into the eyes in the traditional way, but sprayed on the closed eyelid, utilizing the natural transport capability of liposomes that mediate the passage of active spray components into the eye.

How to use : 

If you have a contact lens in your eye, close it and apply the spray at a distance of 10 cm. If you are applying make-up that is not waterproof, apply the spray at a distance of 20 cm.

Long-lasting durability : 

Thanks to the breakthrough atomizer technology with antibacterial filter, LAIM Moisture can be used from open to expiration date. The spray will last 3.5 times longer than ordinary eye drops or sprays.

Content : 15ml

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