Lancôme Idôle Le Parfum


  • $104.50

Become an icon and endless inspiration to yourself. Because it is you who can indulge in everything you dream of. Lancôme Idôle perfumed water will give you confidence and full awareness of its feminine perfection, which has no limits.

  • pure floral scent with chypre elements
  • for women who want to feel confident and feminine
  • a unique ultra-thin bottle that fits perfectly in the hand

The composition of the scent
Fresh chords of bergamot with a sweet undertone will appear right at the beginning. The fragrant composition then develops into a floral symphony, where the essence of noble roses takes over the main words and, accompanied by jasmine flowers, completes the heart of the fragrance. The base consists of cedar wood, vanilla and patchouli leaves.

The story of the
Lancôme Idôle fragrance projects pure femininity and everything that belongs to it with sophisticated elegance. This is mainly due to the presence of the essences of the rose. By their very nature, these queens from the realm of flora represent the floral expression of a woman. Their seductive scent and sharp thorns act as surrogate symbols of a woman's beauty and strength.

The exceptionally thin bottle speaks of the endless possibilities that women have within reach. It also excels in its cleanliness and simplicity. In the name of the saying "there is strength in simplicity", it only proves once again that a unique fragrance for strong and independent women has been created.

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