laSaponaria Solid dandruff shampoo BIO 50 g

laSaponaria Solid dandruff shampoo BIO 50 g


  • $36.50

Experience the power of natural extracts in the care of your hair. LaSaponaria Solid BIO dandruff shampoo supports the skin's natural environment and flaxseed extract hydrates and strengthens hair . Burdock and chicory prebiotics regulate sebum production. Mint extract gives the hair a fresh scent and an irresistible shine In addition, the shampoo is packaged in a decomposable packaging and in a box made of recycled cardboard, so it does not burden our planet.


  • supports the natural environment of the skin
  • hydrates and strengthens the hair fiber
  • leaves hair beautifully fresh


Beet amino acids, flaxseeds, burdock and chicory prebiotics, tea tree, sage, mint, lavender and spirulina rich in vitamins and minerals. 


Apply a cube of shampoo to wet hair and start massaging until you get enough foam. Alternatively, first rub the cube in wet hands and apply the resulting foam to the hair. Put the shampoo aside and let it dry. Rinse hair with water.

About the brand

LaSaponaria is a 100% natural BIO certified Italian cosmetics that is guaranteed to win the hearts of everyone who wants to pamper their body, while feeling that the world around us is in our hands. The products are produced responsibly from local organic and fair trade raw materials: no palm oil. The recipes are simple and gentle on the skin: they do not contain perfumes or petroleum derivatives. LaSaponaria cosmetics are beautifully scented with natural essential oils and are the result of honest handicrafts, enthusiasm for the right thing and a desire to leave the world in a better place.

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