LOLA & LYKKE Core Restore Postpartum drawstring size L


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The postpartum belt with innovative dual compression technology provides the necessary support for weakened and unstable muscles in the center of the body after childbirth . The belt offers a comfortable two-layer support not only for your middle body, but also the hips and back after pregnancy. Relieves back pain and improves posture . The belt helps to fine-tune your abdominal muscles and improves the appearance of the "postpartum abdomen". Mild compression accelerates fluid flow through the body and accelerates recovery from pregnancy and childbirth .

Adjustable dual compression support developed in collaboration with physiotherapists

The postpartum belt was developed in collaboration with Finnish maternity physiotherapists. The ergonomic design together with the unique dual compression technology offers mothers the best possible support after pregnancy . The Core Restore carrying strap has two adjustable fastening panels that allow a comfortable and perfect fit around the abdomen. Two separate fully adjustable upper and lower compression panels allow the correct belt tightness and compression level to be adjusted for each user. The belt is safe and comfortable for all your daily activities and physical exercise.

The main advantages of the belt:

  • latex-free, breathable, hypoallergenic
  • suitable for recovery after natural childbirth and after caesarean section
  • adjustable dual compression system for optimal comfort

Material that will ensure maximum comfort throughout the day

The high-quality technical material is 100% latex-free and non- allergenic . Individually woven compression strips allow airflow and create a breathable, non-irritating feel. The belt has a unique, super soft interior, thanks to which it is comfortable even on delicate, sensitive skin. Thanks to the flexibility and the double fastening system, the belt fits perfectly over the abdomen and adapts to normal body movement .

Suitable for use after natural childbirth and after caesarean section

The belt can be used immediately after both natural birth and caesarean birth . In both cases, it helps to recover the uterus and pelvic floor , stabilizes the abdomen and improves posture during recovery. The belt is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. The belt can be worn straight after a caesarean section and has been specially designed for postoperative use. The Core Restore belt provides recovery support after the surgical incision , helps hold the abdominal muscles together and increases circulation at the surgical site, which promotes healing and reduces swelling . The belt should always be placed over the incision and should be worn tightly, but not too tightly so that you can breathe comfortably.

For best results, start wearing the belt immediately after giving birth

You can start using the Core Restore postpartum belt immediately after vaginal delivery and caesarean section . We recommend using it regularly for at least 6-12 weeks immediately after giving birth, but it can be worn for longer if you want. If you have had a caesarean section, make sure that the tape is placed over your surgical wound and that the belt does not rub against it. If in doubt or if special conditions apply to your health after the birth of a child, consult your doctor first.

High demands on quality - Finnish design

  • technical compression fabric combines high flexibility with unique softness
  • innovative Compression Technology® offers a high level of support
  • the belts are made by hand in accordance with high quality standards
  • winner of the Bronze Award at the Made for Mums Awards 2020 as the best health product for parents
  • the support belts were awarded by the Design from Finland brand as proof of the excellent quality of Finnish design


70% nylon, 12% elastane, 18% polyester.


To achieve the best support effect, you need to choose the right Lola & Lykke belt size and position it correctly . The correct size and location of the belt are shown on the product packaging with graphics and pictures. Follow these steps to apply the belt:
1. Unclip the support belt with Velcro.
2. Position the belt so that the large area rests on the cross, and the product label is at the bottom right when wrapping the belt around the hips and waist.
3. Fasten the bottom panel with Velcro around the hips to make you feel comfortable.
4. Then fasten the top panel with Velcro around the waist and make sure that the material is not crouched anywhere and will not push you.
5. Always wear the belt comfortably tightened so that you can breathe completely into your abdomen without difficulty. If breathing is difficult, loosen the belt.
6. Be careful not to overtighten the belt. You could apply too much pressure to the pelvic floor. The postpartum belt should always be tightened to provide slight support, but must not push.
7. If you feel that the belt is too tight or too loose, repeat steps 1-4 to adjust the tightening of the elastic straps.



Do not use during pregnancy. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop using it and consult a doctor.

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