Loréal Paris Skin Expert micellar water 400 ml -

Loréal Paris Skin Expert micellar water 400 ml

Loréal Paris

  • $41.50

Take care of your skin and give it a well-deserved rest and relief from makeup and dirt that has accumulated during the day. Two-phase micellar water gently cleanses and refreshes the skin . The combination of the oil and water phases with the micelles also helps to remove waterproof makeup from the face, lips and eyes. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Perfectly cleans the skin without scrubbing and rinsing.


  • catches dirt
  • dissolves even waterproof makeup
  • sufficiently gentle for sensitive eye area


Use every morning and evening. Apply a sufficient amount of micellar water to the cosmetic tampon and gently press against the lashes, eyelids and lips. Leave for a while and wipe gently. Then remove the whole face gently with a swab. No need to rinse your face after use.


The oil phase instantly dissolves waterproof makeup without the risk of irritation. The water phase contains micelles that cleanse the skin and reliably remove impurities without scrubbing and rinsing.

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