Loreal Steampod concentrated serum 50ml

Loreal Steampod concentrated serum 50ml


  • $44.50

Steampod protective smoothing serum for all hair types. Steam-activated deep-seated serum to the ends. For healed and soft tips, intense shine and 24h humidity control.

The serum activated by the Steampod will ensure their final beautification. Deep regeneration, reconstruction and hydration. Incredible healing of hair ends and subsequent prevention of their splitting. Protect hair from heat and ironing. It restructures the hair fiber and leaves a reflective shine in the hair. The serum is activated by a Steampod. It heals the ends of the hair and helps prevent further damage. Protects hair from heat and ironing.

The serum is enriched with avocado and apricot oil. The steam-activated components of Pro-Keratin get deep into the hair and strengthen it.

  • It can be layered or mixed with SteamPod cream / milk on wet hair - for extra protection in sensitive areas.
  • It can be used after the Steam Pod as a final step - for greater shine, moisture control, end protection.


Apply to dry hair during finishing. Heat 2 drops of serum in your palms and apply evenly to the ends.


To achieve an intense shine of the hair, add 2 drops of serum to the smoothing milk or cream before drying the hair.

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