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LUUF cough lozenges


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Pastilles in hoarseness and cough irritation.

Detailed product information

LUUF® Lozenges with Icelandic Lichen and Hibiscus have a dual protective effect on irritated mucous membranes: Highly dosed plant ingredients form a softening and protective film when dissolved in the mouth. The mucosa in the mouth and larynx is like a balm and protects against hoarseness and cough irritation, while also benefiting the neck. In addition, LUUF® lozenges with Icelandic lichen and hibiscus accelerate the rapid recovery and regeneration of the affected mucosa. In addition, they also prevent the onset of cough.
  • Extra high doses of Icelandic lichen and hibiscus. Elderberry flavor.
  • Medical Device
Scope of use
Irritation to cough and associated irritation of mucous membranes in the mouth and larynx (catarrh)
Hoarseness and excessive overloading of the vocal cords
The feeling of a rough throat as a result of dry air in the room (air-conditioned or heated areas), more cigarette smoke or pollutants (eg fine dust)
Method of use and dosage
At any time multiple times a day, 1 lozenge freely dissolve in your mouth. Children over 4 years of age: dissolve into five lozenges daily in the mouth. The product can be safely used over a longer period of time.
1 lozenge contains:
350 mg of Icelandic lichen, representing 100 mg of Extractum Lichen islandic spissum (3.5: 1 extract extract, 90 mg of hibiscus root equivalent to 30 mg of Extractum Althaeae radicis spissum (3: 1 extract extract ratio)
It does not contain fructose, lactose, gluten, artificial colors or preservatives.
20 pieces 

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