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Mar plus 5% nasal spray 20ml


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For the treatment of irritated and / or sore nasal mucosa. It keeps the mucous membrane moist, clean and helps to heal, it is used for example in common rhinitis and nasal congestion. Mar® plus 5% is also suitable for children and infants.

Detailed product information

Package Leaflet 

Mar® plus 5% Nasal Spray 

1 ml of isotonic solution contains Dexpanthenol 50 mg, 50 mg seawater, dibasic potassium phosphate (adjusts the pH (acidity) of the solution) and purified water 

1 compresses the nebulizer to release approximately 0.14 ml of 

preservative-free solution 

Form and content
Nose injection solution. 
The bottle contains 20 ml of solution, equivalent to approximately 140 doses. 

For supportive treatment of irritated and / or sore nasal mucosa. It keeps the mucous membrane moist, clean and helps to heal, it is used for example in common rhinitis and nasal congestion. 
Mar® plus 5% is also suitable for children and infants. 


Use during pregnancy and lactation
No special precautions required. If taken as directed, there is no risk of taking pregnant and breast-feeding women. 

Interaction with other drugs

Instructions for use, dosage and duration of treatment
How much to use and how often? 
Apply once to several times a day as needed. Inject 1-2 doses into each nostril. 

How to use it?
Remove the protective cover. Hold the vial in one hand and press the pump several times until a cloud of spray appears. You do not need to repeat this procedure several times, and the spray is now ready for use. Insert the nasal applicator into the nostril, press the pump once or twice and breathe lightly through your nose. If you are also taking another nasal spray (eg a mucosal product), take Mar® plus 5% first. 

The volume of usable solution is not less than 20 ml. The pump tube is slightly bent at the bottom of the vial and the residual volume is sucked first when the vial is upright or tilted. However, after application it flows back into the vial. Therefore, the actual volume of the solution is greater than 20 ml. This ensures a declared usable volume of 20 ml of solution. 

For hygiene reasons, wipe the nasal applicator after each use and allow to dry. Each vial can only be used by one person. 
Mar® plus is manufactured without preservatives and filled into vials with a special application system. Do not interfere with any part of this system (eg disassembly of the system) to maintain product quality and functionality of the application system. 

How long do I need to use the medicine? 
Use the medicine until your symptoms disappear. 

Undesirable effects
No adverse reactions have been reported to date. 

Shelf life
The shelf life is printed on a carton and bottle. Do not use the product after the expiry date. 
Do not use the product for more than 6 months after first opening.

How to store the product
Keep out of the reach and sight of children. 
This leaflet was last approved in September 1, 2010 

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More protection and care!
Our nose - the miracle of nature - is not only capable of recognizing the finest scents, but also adjusts the air before it goes into the bronchi and lungs. Inhaled air not only warms but also filters and cleans dust, pollen and bacteria. To maintain the filtration and protective function of our nose, it is necessary to keep the nasal mucosa intact and protect it from drying out. Especially when exposed to increased demands, such as dry air irritation in heated rooms or cold air in winter, colds or allergic rhinitis. It is important to provide supportive care and care to the stressed nasal mucosa. 

This is exactly when Mar® plus 5% is effective: 
- it speeds up the healing of the painful nasal mucosa with 5% dexpanthenol content 
- it is also suitable for children and infants
- moisturizes, cleans and cares for the nasal mucosa 
• in heated air dry rooms 
• in cool air 
• in air-conditioned rooms 
• in airplanes - ideal for frequent travelers 
• in case of increased dust or pollen irritation 
- prevents coating formation 
- supportive treatment in normal colds 

Natural sea water
With valuable mineral salts, it cleanses and moisturizes the nasal mucosa in a natural and gentle way. 

It binds moisture in the nasal mucosa and so promotes the effect of seawater. In the body, dexpanthenol is converted to pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which promotes the regeneration and healing of damaged cells in the mucosa. Due to moisture binding and healing support, dexpanthenol has been used for many years as an active ingredient in the treatment of superficial lesions of the skin and mucosa. 

20 ml

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