MARTIDERM Hair System Anti-Hair Loss hair loss lotion 100 ml -

MARTIDERM Hair System Anti-Hair Loss hair loss lotion 100 ml


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Hair Lotion strengthens hair roots, prevents premature hair loss and stimulates the growth phase, thereby increasing hair density.

Detailed product information

MARTIDERM Anti-hair Lotion contains active ingredients that work together on all kinds of alopecia (hair loss), whether acute, chronic or hair loss due to aging. Special ingredients slow down hair loss from the first application, strengthen hair roots and regulate sebum secretion. 
The product contains a patented combination of HGFx3 , which regenerates and acts on the hair at the cellular level. Biotinil and oleanic acid improve blood circulation to the skin, salicylic acidregulates sebum production and pyridoxine maintains active hair structure. The product can also be used as a prevention of hair loss. Designed for all hair types, suitable for both men and women. Contains a low percentage of alcohol. Without parabens.


  • Strengthens roots of hair
  • Regulates sebum production
  • Slows hair loss
  • Suitable for both men and women


Apply Anti-hair Lotion to the scalp in a small amount and massage your fingertips gently. Let it absorb and do not rinse. Apply only to intact scalp. Use at least once a day. Minimum recommended treatment period of 3 months.

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