Master Aid FOOT Care Wart patches 12 pcs

Master Aid FOOT Care Wart patches 12 pcs

Master Aid

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FOOT Care Wart patches are a medical device. Crioline Body-colored wart patches contain a central target with trichloroacetic acid, which softens and relaxes the skin layers (keratolysis). The patches hold well thanks to the hypoallergenic high-adhesive adhesive. Crioline patches are suitable for the treatment of warts on the legs and arms. In addition to the healing effect, the Crioline patch perfectly relieves pain caused by pressure when walking, thanks to a reinforced central target. Trichloroacetic acid creates a gentle and lasting process of softening warts. Therefore, the use is completely painless and suitable for children. Crioline patches fit perfectly to the affected area and thus create an impermeable barrier to the spread of the infection to healthy parts of the body and to other people.

The pack contains 12 patches.

Dosage and method of use

The wart patch is applied directly to the warts. Change the patch every 12 hours. After 3 days of treatment, remove the surface layer of the wart with an abrasive material (such as cotton gauze).
If the wart is not completely removed, wait 3 days and repeat the treatment for another 3 days. The treatment of one wart can be repeated a maximum of four times.

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