Master Aid Quadra Med Wart Removal Gel 8 ml

Master Aid Quadra Med Wart Removal Gel 8 ml

Master Aid

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FOOT Care gel with TCA for removing warts is designed to remove resistant warts - common, plantar and planar. It contains trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and is applied with a practical applicator in a cap. Normally, 4 days are enough to remove the wart.
The gel causes a skin exfoliation process that will continue for days after the gel application is completed. Peeling skin can be easily removed, for example with sterile gauze. After the exfoliating treatment, a new layer of healthy skin is formed, the warts shrink until they disappear. If the warts do not completely disappear after the first four days of treatment, repeat the treatment after 4 days. This can be repeated up to four times, always monitoring the four-day interval between one and the next treatment.

The package contains 8 ml.

Dosage and method of use

The product is applied twice a day for at least 4 days. Just apply a small amount of gel to cover the entire wart. Apply only on the surface of the wart.

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