Matcha Tea Premium BIO green tea 20 x 1,5 g

Matcha Tea

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Take a ride on the green wave with a cup of genuine Japanese Matcha Tea in organic quality. Thanks to the content of the so-called tea caffeine theophylline, it brings pleasant stimulation , which is manifested in the acceleration of metabolism and the ability to improve concentration . Unlike coffee, this effect is slow and persists for approximately 3-6 hours. Matcha Tea are hand-picked tea leaves that are ground to a fine powder. Drinking tea basically consumes a whole leaf of green tea. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant , that is, it helps protect cells from free radicals.

Main features:

  • matcha provides psychological and physical encouragement
  • green tea acts as an antioxidant
  • premium quality

The protective atmosphere protects the color and aroma of the tea

Air and light are the most common triggers for degradation of this product. Tea will lose color, taste and aroma in just a few days. Bio Matcha Tea Harmony contains individually packaged portions and the tea powder is fully protected from air and light.


High quality matcha is suitable for Japanese traditional tea ceremony, but it is also suitable for modern preparation in shaker or bottle. Pour a 2g bag of Matcha Tea into the container, pour in cold water and shake well. Boil water and allow it to cool when preparing a hot drink. Its temperature should not exceed 70 ° C. Follow the same procedure as for Cold Matcha Tea.

Traditional method of preparation

Measure a portion of tea into a chawan tea bowl with a bamboo teaspoon and pour water over it. Its temperature should not exceed 70 ° C. Stir with bamboo whisk. For the finer version of tea, use 2 teaspoons of tea or one teaspoon of tea, pour 70 ml of water and stir vigorously in the shape of the letter M. For cats, a more intense drink, use 3-4 teaspoons or 2 teaspoons and 40 ml of water. Stir gently in a circular motion.


100% Matcha Organic Green Tea in premium quality.


The recommended daily dose for an adult is 4-6 grams. Pregnant, nursing and children about 2 grams a day.

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