Maxivita Magnesium 400 mg, 16 sachets

Maxivita Magnesium 400 mg, 16 sachets


  • $26.50

  • does not contain sugar - suitable for diabetics


MaxiVita® Magnesium 400 mg + B complex + Vitamin C is a modern food supplement in practical disposable bags that allow highly comfortable use without the need for swallowing. The active substances are better absorbed by the body, with a faster onset of action. The product is a suitable supplement for sports, excessive physical activity or mental strain. Magnesium helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, normal muscle function and the nervous system. Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen, which acts as a support in the tissues of the human body - muscles, tendons, cartilage and skin, significantly contributes to the function of the immune system. B vitamins contribute to the protection of cells against oxidative stress, normal energy metabolism and normal heart function

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