Medela Calma bottle for breastfed babies 250 ml 1 pc

Medela Calma bottle for breastfed babies 250 ml 1 pc


  • $49.50

The company Medela has created special for all babies Calma bottle with which your baby gets used to the absence of mothers breast easily and quickly and lose while sucking reflex. The special teat allows the baby to easily move from breast to vial and back.

Calma system

Drinking from a bottle with the Calma system is as strenuous for the baby as breastfeeding, so it does not lose its natural sucking reflex. The bottle is closed with a special valve membrane to prevent spontaneous milk flow. The child is allowed to feed in his chosen rhythm as well as during breastfeeding. By not having to rush or change their breastfeeding habits, she constantly feels calm and comfortable, so her heart rhythm does not increase and feeding is easy and hassle free. To prevent flatulence, excess air is blown away from the bottle thanks to its unique ventilation system.

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