Medela Mini Electric electric breast pump

Medela Mini Electric electric breast pump


  • $178.50

For a casual daytime sucking milk created by Medela for all mothers breast pump little practical Mini Electric . The device is designed for both electrical and wireless use, when it is powered by batteries. Excess milk is aspirated in one phase and electrically. It is ideal to use the device more often but in the short term so that women do not feel any unpleasant pressure or pain.

Easy to operate

You can set the suction intensity according to your preferences. You can easily control the breast pump with one hand, for example if you have to hold your baby in your arms during the process. For even better comfort, the breast massage attachment Comfort can be purchased. Its soft silicone material gently massages breast tissue during aspiration to make the woman feel comfortable and relaxed and the process is quick and gentle.

Package contents

In addition to the Mini Electric itself, the package also includes a connector, PersonalFit breast attachment, 2 × white membranes, yellow valve, cap, screw cap and stand, 150 ml bottle and power adapter.

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