Medela Suction set including hose

Medela Suction set including hose


  • $39.50

After the birth of the baby, the woman's body produces milk for its nutrition, strengthening immunity and proper growth. However, it is not always possible to breastfeed directly from the breast. Mum may be gone, or the baby just doesn't want to eat. In these cases, a suction pump comes in handy. The company Medela has created for all practical nursing mothers suction kit, which is fully compatible with the breast pump of the same brand.

Compatible models are:

- Mendela Symphony
- Mendel Lactina
- Mendela Swing
- Mendela MiniElectric

Everything you need in one place

The kit contains everything that needs to be added to the breast pump itself for its smooth running and comfortable and fast suction of milk that does not hurt the woman. There is a silicone hose, connector, valve and two diaphragms. Also included is one PersonalFit Size M adapter. A 150 ml bottle with a screw cap is also included in which milk can be stored in the refrigerator.

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