Medela Supplementor supplemental breastfeeding system

Medela Supplementor supplemental breastfeeding system


  • $76.50

Ideally, the baby can start to drink breast milk directly from the mother's breast immediately after birth. Unfortunately, it's not always that easy. Sometimes the baby has a problem with sucking and needs to breastfeed. Other times they may not have their biological mother with them, or they may be born with a disability, such as a cleft lip or palate. In all these and other cases, it is necessary to find a different way to supply it with the necessary nutrients in the milk, ensuring its healthy growth and strengthening immunity. The company Medela has therefore developed a comprehensive system of complementary breastfeeding Suplementor . A practical kit symbolizes baby drinking from the nipple, but also promotes increased lactation in the mother.

Three tube sizes

In the package you will find three different sizes of tubing and bottle. Feeding begins with the widest 0.85mm tubing that is attached to both the breast and catheter to keep the baby close to the mother's breast. Gradually, the tubes are exchanged for smaller ones - 0.75mm and finally 0.65mm, where the milk flows as slowly as from the mother's breast. Breastfeeding in this way takes 15-20 minutes.

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