Medela Swing 2-phase electric aspirator incl. Calma system -

Medela Swing 2-phase electric aspirator incl. Calma system


  • $299.50

The Meding Swing Exhauster allows you to control the intensity of the suction for gentle and painless milk collection for your baby.

Detailed product information

Milk sucking is often a complicated and painful issue for mothers. Make it easier by using a suitable aspirator. The company Medela has created a sleek device Swing , who is working on a two-phase extraction system. This technique consists in simulating the sucking rhythm of an infant. In the first phase, a breast massage occurs to fool the body, induce expulsion reflex and increase milk flow. This is followed by a second phase, or extraction itself. This is quick and easy after the mom is ready and ready.

Adjustable suction intensity

Swing Suction Pump is suitable for daily use due to its gentle and excellent results, it can extract more milk in less time. According to your own preferences, you can adjust the intensity of the suction to make the process pleasant and painless. The device is very quiet, allowing you to suck up milk in the public, eg in the toilets or at the office. For ease of use and increased mobility of the aspirator, you can attach it to your belt or hang it with a lanyard.

Package contents

- Swing aspirator 
- valve head 
- breast extension PersonalFit M 
- 150 ml bottle 
- yellow valve 
- 2 × white membrane 
- cap 
- screw cap 
- stand 
- hose PVC Swing 
- adapter 
- Calma system for breastfed children

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