Medpharma Ovulation Test 20mlU / ml 6 pcs

Medpharma Ovulation Test 20mlU / ml 6 pcs


  • $24.50

MedPharma Ovulation Test is a disposable test strip with a sensitivity of 20mlU / ml. It is a hygienic ovulation test with ease of use and a fast and very accurate determination of the term of ovulation.

The package contains 6 tests and a urine container.


The ovulation test detects the presence of luteinizing hormone in the urine, which is responsible for maturing and releasing (ovulating) the egg. Ovulation may be irregular, may not always occur at the same time after menstruation, so it is advisable to test again in each menstrual cycle. The test is performed by inserting the strip into the urine canister, after urine soaking the urine sample wicks to the control site.

How to read the result?

Positive results are shown by displaying a pink-purple strip in the control zone “C” and in the test zone “T”. A negative result is shown by showing a pink / purple stripe only in the control zone “C” (the control zone must always appear in the control zone).

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