Medpharma Pregnancy Test 10mlU / ml 2 pcs

Medpharma Pregnancy Test 10mlU / ml 2 pcs


  • $21.50

MedPharma Pregnancy Test with a sensitivity of 10mIU / ml is a test strip with a urine container that can be used at any time of the day. It is a hygienic pregnancy test with fast and very accurate determination of the result and easy use.

The package contains 2 tests and 2 urine containers.


The pregnancy test detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin, which is excreted in the urine soon after fertilization. It is tested by dipping the strip into a urine sample container, where urine is collected at the control site after insertion.

How to read the result?

Positive results are shown by displaying a pink-purple strip in the control zone “C” and in the test zone “T”. A negative result is shown by showing a pink / purple stripe only in the control zone “C” (the control zone must always appear in the control zone).

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