Medpharma warm Herbal Balm 250 ml

Medpharma warm Herbal Balm 250 ml


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The herbal balm contains an extract of 33 specially selected plants which are known for their beneficial and regenerative effect on the skin, joints and muscles. Natural Cosmetics. Free of parabens, preservatives and artificial dyes. Dermatologically tested.

  • Suitable for sports and physical exercise and due to its warm effect is also used for muscle pain .
  • In addition, it contains vitamin E, coconut oil and panthenol to give your skin smoothness, softness and protection.
  • Suitable for all ages.


33 types of herbal and plant extracts:
juniper, pines, silver fir, agrimony, lady's mantle, burdock, burdock, corncobs, arnica, marigold, heather, pasture capsule, horse chestnut, small-flowered willow, Field Horsetail, Elmwood, Butternut, Camomile, Butterbur, Common plantain, Silver cinquefoil, Purple willow, Crimson willow, Willow Willow, Goldenrod, Comfrey, Thyme, Coltsfoot, Nettle, Nettle , violet, chilli extract


Spread the product regularly on clean skin twice a day in an appropriate amount and massage it into the skin.

The intensity of the warming effect is individual and depends on the amount of balsam applied. The warming effect increases after muscle exertion, and also after warming up the place with eg warm water, even with a time interval of approximately 12-16 hours after application. High warmth to burning and possible redness of the skin are a sign of desirable blood supply and are natural .


The preparation is intended for external use. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with the face, mucous membranes, intimate areas and open wounds. Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the product. Rarely, an allergic reaction may occur. In this case, discontinue the application and rinse the skin with water and soap. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. Possible color change due to the extract of natural ingredients does not affect the effectiveness of the balsam.

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