Megafyt PLAIN TEA tea bags 20x1.5 g

Megafyt PLAIN TEA tea bags 20x1.5 g


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Plantain tea is a traditional herbal medicine used to treat upper respiratory and mucosal inflammations and externally to treat inflammatory skin diseases in adults, adolescents and children over 3 years of age. When used internally, plantain tea relieves cough irritation in catarrh (a type of superficial mucosal inflammation, accompanied by the formation of a mucous secretion) of the upper respiratory tract (so-called wet cough ), promotes coughing and releases mucus . Externally, it is used in the form of compresses for skin inflammations , for poorly healing wounds , ulcers and flowing lichens .



Pour 1 - 2 tea bags over 0.25 l of boiling water (leave for 5 minutes in a covered container). Tea drinks warm. The infusion is always fresh (immediately before use). Adults, adolescents and children over 10 drink tea 3 times a day . Children 3 to 9 years drink tea twice a day . Take maximum 10 days without consulting your doctor.


Pour 1 - 2 tea bags over 0.25 l of boiling water (leave to infuse for 5 min in a covered container). The infusion is used several times a day (inhalation, gargling, tiling, washing, bathing and rinsing). The infusion is always fresh (immediately before use). Use it for up to 2 weeks without consulting your doctor. Use is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


The active substance is Plantaginis folium 1.5 g in 1 infusion bag.

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