Menforsan Odor, urine and stain remover 500 ml

Menforsan Odor, urine and stain remover 500 ml


  • $45.50

Every owner of a dog or cat certainly experienced a situation that, despite the best manners you here and there reward your four-legged friend unwanted gift - louzickou in the most unfavorable place. Whether you did it on a truc or in an accident, removing a puddle of urine would be necessary. Whether urine, odor or the various spots caused by animals, there is an effective means to eliminate these unpleasant surprises.

The Enzymatic Urine, Odor and Stain Remover from Menforsan immediately removes all stinking pet urine stains. The enzyme contained can cope with stains from blood, saliva and other organic contaminants, which are usually very difficult to clean.

This remover is suitable for all surfaces including textiles. The gentle formula guarantees gentle and clean skin protection.  

Directions for use : Spray on a dirty surface, leave for a while and clean with a dry cloth.

Package size: 500ml

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