Menforsan Repellent for urine labeling 500 ml

Menforsan Dogs & Cats Anti pee trainer 500 ml


  • $45.50

Marking its territory is a basic instinct for cats and dogs, which is difficult to get rid of. However, especially in the apartment house or in the backyard of the house is an undesirable matter that we would like to solve to the satisfaction of our pets and especially ours.

Menforsan Urine Repellent is an effective spray that you can use to train your four-legged pet. The spray contains active substances which, by its scent and composition, will discourage the animal from urinating in places which we mark (spray). Whether it is windows, corners of the house, facades, vehicle wheels, fence posts, etc., you and your neighbors will appreciate their efficiency.

Spray can also be used in the apartment, if your dog or cat can not resist branding in your home.  

Directions for use: Spray on an area where you do not want the animal to urinate / mark.

Package size: 500ml

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