Mentis Zen 30 capsules

Mentis Zen 30 capsules


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Mentis Zen is a food supplement that combines the effects of a trio of extracts of natural adaptogens - plant products that increase the resistance of our organism in situations of stress, anxiety or exhaustion.

  • Ashwaganda helps to manage stress , contributes to mental health and good sleep.
  • The pink stonecrop promotes physical performance and fitness .
  • Bakopa small leaf has a positive effect on memory and ability to concentrate and mental performance.

Focused on:

  • Antistress
  • Psychological resistance
  • Balance


Take 1-2 capsules preferably with a meal containing fat (eg eggs, nuts or krill oil). It is ideal to start taking 1 capsule and increase the dose to 2 capsules a day if the desired effect is not achieved within two days. The supplement should be taken for at least 2 weeks in order to record the effect of bacopa. Suitable for vegans.


Vitania Sodium Extract (5% withanolide) 300 mg, Bakopa Small Leaf Extract (50% Bacopaside) 200 mg, Roseroot Pink Extract (4% Rosavine and 1% Salidrosine) 50 mg per capsule.

Vitania soda extract, bacopa petiol extract, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, stonecrop pink extract, polyethylene glycol, talc, silica.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is not intended for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of children!

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