Microlife BP 3AG1 digital manometer gold

Microlife BP 3AG1 digital manometer gold


  • $92.50

A pressure gauge from Microlife helps you keep track of your current pressure and its evolution over time. It excels in ease of use and outstanding measurement accuracy. It can be used not only in healthcare facilities, but also in the comfort of home, where it is used by older people, but also all those who have high or low pressure and want to make sure that there are no serious health risks.

Storage of values

The pressure gauge uses an oscillometric method for fast and accurate pulse and blood pressure measurement. It has a handy feature that alerts the user to cardiac arrhythmia to significantly reduce the risk of cardiac arrest early by visiting a doctor.

The device measures arm pressure and stores the resulting values ​​so you can go back to compare changes in systolic and diastolic pressure. Its compact size and negligible weight allow you to have it always at hand, not only at home but also while traveling.

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