Microlife BP A7 AFIB Touch manometer with touch screen

Microlife BP A7 AFIB Touch manometer with touch screen


  • $185.50

The patented AFIB technology enables the detection of atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation) during normal blood pressure measurements to prevent stroke and heart attack . The accuracy of detection of atrial fibrillation has been clinically verified by senior experts. The patented MAM technology analyzes the results of 3 automatically repeated measurements in succession, guaranteeing the results as when measured in resting conditions.

The pressure gauge accuracy has been clinically verified according to the British Society for Hypertension protocol, the highest A / A accuracy. The pressure gauge accuracy is also clinically verified in a special population: women during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), patients with diabetes, kidney disease and obesity. Supplied with ML-size cuff (22 to 42 cm), suitable for most users and with AC adapter. Gentle + technology for convenient and accurate measurements with optimum measurement speed.

  • Comfortable touch screen operation.
  • Memory with 99 measurements for each of 2 users with date and time.
  • Connection to PC via USB connection, analysis software is available free of charge.
  • The device has a cuff tightness indicator and an arm movement indicator when measuring.
  • The warranty for the device is 5 years, for the adapter and tightness of the air bag cuff 2 years.

Package contains:

  • manometer
  • EASY cuff, size M – L (22–42 cm)
  • power adapter
  • USB cable
  • plastic stand for pressure gauge
  • protective case
  • 4 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries, type AAA
  • arm circumference gauge
  • log for measurement results
  • instructions

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