Microlife BP B3 AFIB digital pressure gauge


  • $128.50

The Microlife BP B3 AFB is used to measure current pressure quickly and accurately. It is great for home use, but it will also find its place in medical offices. You can see the measurement results clearly on the large display. The 99 most recent values ​​are stored in the instrument memory so that you can always access them and compare your pressure development over time.

Detection of atrial fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmia

Upon startup, three consecutive measurements take place in a single step thanks to MAM technology. This ensures extremely accurate and reliable results. If you are at risk of stroke or cardiac arrhythmia, the manometer will alert you to this condition; they detect the dangers of AFIBsens (atrial fibrillation detection ) and PAD (cardiac arrhythmia ). For an even better overview of the measured values, the numbers on the display are supplemented by a color indication.

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